Is Being Good Better than Being Great?

"Good is the enemy of being great," is one of the most popular self improvement statements there is. In todays fast paced and "don't look back keep running world", we are told that being great and never being satisfied are necessary to get ahead and become successful. It's thought of as the only route to... Continue Reading →


Running Tips During the Fall Season

Is it just us, or is autumn the best time of the year for runners. Still warm enough to wear shorts, yet brisk enough to encourage you to pick up your pace. You've trained during the hot summer months and now you can show it off during these cooler temperature days. These perfect temperatures won't... Continue Reading →

Foam Rolling for Beginners

Also known as self-myofascial tissue release, foam rolling is a form of self massage that allows you to pinpoint direct areas on your body to release built up tightness and muscle tension. Adding foam rolling exercises into your daily routine can help prevent injuries, reduce muscle soreness, lead to better performance, promote a faster recovery,... Continue Reading →

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