Bakcountry fitness and nutrition lab is more than a blog. It is a community of outdoorsmen and -women who are dedicated to improving their quality of life. From being exposed to fit individuals all my life, I realized not many people recognize the athleticism and conditioning necessary for hunters, backpackers and backcountry people to do what they do. These individuals traverse intense terrain and endure strenuous mental and physical challenges that most will never experience in their lives.

Bakcountry fitness and nutrition is dedicated to those who spend their time in the wilderness. We provide fitness programs and nutrition guidelines to keep our outdoor athletes in top condition to chase those goats over mountain tops and elk through deep valleys, or do whatever it is that you choose to do outside. Welcome to the Bakcountry tribe, I look forward to training with you.


Founder & CEO of Bakcountry Fitness & Nutrition Lab,

Jack Cole

Be #BakcountryStrong

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