14 Folate Foods You Want in Your Diet

No, they aren’t just for pregnant women – folate is necessary for a guy’s body to run smoothly as well. The B-vitamins it provides aid in the production of important genetic material DNA and RNA, as well as the creation of red blood cells. On top of that, it is also a key player in healthy cell division and replication.

Folate is naturally occurring in many food groups. It is especially present in dark, leafy vegetables, beans, peas and nuts. Many food companies add it in its synthetic form, folic acid, to fortify foods like bread, pastas and cereals. It’s best to shoot for 400 micrograms ( mcg ) a day, generally speaking.

Want to boost your folate levels? Check out our list of naturally packed folate foods…

Navy Beans

One-half cup of cooked navy beans contains 127.5 mcg of folate. These versatile beans—which are naturally white—are great in stews and chili, and also pack a fiber punch to fill you up.

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked

Black Beans

One-half cup of cooked black beans has 128 mcg of folate. A staple in Mexican dishes, the bean is also rich in antioxidants. These beans go well with a wide variety of proteins from fish to chicken to turkey. Accompanied by some veggies and you’ll be feasting!

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked


One-half cup of cooked, boiled spinach contains 131.5 mcg of folate. The green, leafy vegetable is also packed with vitamin K, which is necessary for helping our blood not to clot.

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked

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One-half cup of cooked, boiled asparagus has 134 mcg of folate. One of the first spring crops to pop up, asparagus has a subtle, delicately grassy flavor, making it a versatile side dish for whatever’s on the menu. Its various other nutrients make this a must have on the dinner plate.

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked

Chickpeas ( Garbanzo Beans )

One-half cup of cooked chickpeas packs in 141 mcg of folate. Filled with both fiber and protein, these little guys make a filling snack. Chickpeas have been associated with a number of different health benefits including lower blood glucose levels ( diabetes ), improving bone and heart health, and reduced risk of cancer.

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked

Pinto Beans

One-half cup of cooked pinto beans contains 147 mcg of folate. One of the most common beans out there, pintos taste great mixed in with mom’s homemade chili or tucked into DIY burritos.

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked

Mung Beans

One-half cup of cooked mung beans contains 160.5 mcg of folate. Popular in China and India, these green-colored beans have a naturally sweet flavor that’ll add some taste to your next salad.

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked


One-half cup of cooked lentils contains 179 mcg of folate. Try making some soup with these hearty legumes this fall—rich in both fiber and protein, they’ll definitely fill you up and provide health benefits while they’re at it!

Serving size: one-half cup, cooked


One-half cup of prepared edamame packs in 241 mcg of folate. Thats a lot of bang for your bean. These soybeans are the quintessential Japanese appetizer. Plus, since they’re still in the pod, working them free in order to chow down prevents you from eating too quickly.

Serving size: one-half cup, prepared


Eggs may be the most versatile food—you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—or snack on them midday. Plus, eggs white have the highest biological value of any protein, packing a protein punch on top of the folate.

Serving size: per 1 large egg


Loaded with healthy fats, avocados are a healthy pick for fat and flavor. Put them on your salad, a sandwich, or in a smoothie. Or go the extra distance and order guac on your bowl or in your burrito. If you have a little bit of land or decent sized backyard, investing in an avocado tree could turn out to be a lucrative decision. These little guys are like green gold and having your own source could be beneficial for your health and your wallet. We’ll save the details for a gardening blog though ;).

Serving size: one-half cup


Containing 84 mcg of folate per serving, these “mini trees” are a great tasting way to receive those nutrients. Plus, it’s also high in vitamin C. Whats not to love!

Serving size: one-half cup cooked

Romaine Lettuce

This crunchy lettuce is carrying 116 mcg of folate and is the base for most leafy salads. It’s low calorie, but high in lots of vitamins and minerals like calcium and potassium.

Serving size: 85 grams, one NLEA serving

Sunflower Seeds

Convenient and crunchy, sunflower seeds are packed with 152 mcg of folate in a serving. Sprinkle them on your salad or pick some up at the gas station. Be sure to watch some of the various flavors offered, as sodium levels can get high and you don’t want too much of that.

Serving size: one-half cup

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If you are going to try any of these folate foods out, be sure to comment which ones and how you prepare them in the section below! If you found this useful or interesting like, comment or join or healthy living tribe of Bakcountry Strong members by entering your email in the box at the sidebar or bottom of the page to never miss an important update on how to improve your health and performance.

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